11 Most Trending Nail Colors Of This Fall

One of the best parts of the fall season is the start of the fashion month, that’s start with New York Fashion Week. But this fall we will not have a traditional fashion week as we know a deadly virus strikes the whole world, including America. But do you think that will affect the nail industry..!! For some instance, it will, as the absence of human fashion week will affect the entire industry. But you don’t have to worry, As we are here for your guidance, because as a fashion blogger we are concerned about you.

While we waited for the salons to reopen, most of the people didn’t know what is trending. The absence of human fashion week will somehow affect the nail industry.

To get you the best, we spoke to the Five most famous makeup artists. And then we Annex there opinion and predictions for the next hit colors, to get you up-to-date and let you have what is trending nowadays. Check out their predictions for the next hit colors, the retro-style makeup that makes it come back,

Sill looking forward to see which nail shades will be your color of fall and winter..!! Here You Go.

1)Shimmery Golden with black touch

Like all other metallic shades, golden is another popular shade these days. You can see how the celebs in recent times have arranged this color on their nails in one way or another. But they use to apply this shade on its own which made the glossy color look worse. Try simple black dots on golden nail polish and see how gorgeous this shade turns around, you will definitely doing to love it. And this is very trendy nowadays.

Shimmery Golden

2)Light pink

Pink is the color of girls. believe me or not but we can’t resist pink color, As it seems like it’s just made for Girls. If you are not a Tomboy, then you will definitely love pink in your nail polish shades. There are a variety of pink shades available in the market these days. You can try different shades but light pink looks more decent then the dark one. Pink color has a tendency to make you look like a girl. So when it comes to having a nail paint for your first date or shopping with your girlfriends, pink is the color you should wear. Besides all this Light pink is a very pleasant color you can have this Fall.

Light pink


When I think about changing look and wardrobe for the Fall & cold season, the first thing that came straight to my mind is burgundy color, according to one of my favorite makeover artist burgundy color will going to be a great hit this year.


4)Pastel Blue

Blue is the royal color of all times. No matter where you going to use, it definitely going to look amazing and when it comes to nail polishes you must keep a shade of blue in your collection, as the blue color looks absolutely gorgeous especially black and white outfits. There are a variety of blue nail polish colors available in the market. You can try different shades but Pastel Blue is trending these days and in the Fall season its gone be really trendy.

Pastel Blue


No matter what time of year, Cranberry Color always looks pretty cool all over the year. But when we talk about Fall Season, we can say that Cranberry is the fall uniform, this time of year is the perfect time for this amazing shade. And according to makeup artists, this color will be going to be the top trend of this Fall and winter.


6)Mustard Yellow

Some peoples love yellow and some just hate it, if I talk about myself Yellow is one of my least favorite colors, And I didn’t prefer to use yellow nail paint much. But when we talk about Mustard Yellow, the first thing that came straight to my mind is how smooth and serious this shade is. As its the mixture of two of my favorite colors, brown and green. And this Fall it’s gone to be really trendy color.

Mustard Yellow

7)Metallic Dark Green

This metallic green is too deep and pleasant. Mostly known as black gold shimmer, As this is an unexpected way of having dark metallic shade, that will make your nails look like a Gem and beside all, it still interacts with all the old fall colors. And this fall it’s going to be a real trend.

Metallic Dark Green

8)Matt Mossy Green

If you don’t like to use black and shiny metallic shade much, then mossy green is a great alternative to it. Not until someone looks real close, he doesn’t get to know what shade it is. If u don’t get the matt shade of it, then just try a matte topcoat on Mossy Green nail paint. And you will get to see that everyone is noticing your nail color this Fall.

Matt Mossy Green

9)Metallic Dark Brown

This color is Soo pretty and chocolatey, that u will dream of eating it. Not like black and other dark colors, it doesn’t look dull and boring. It got a lot of a cooler tone. With an eye-catching metallic finish, that will make you love with it and its pleasant, deeper, and cooler undertone, make you look soo elegant. And this Fall you will notice a lot of people are having this Nail shade.

Metallic Dark Brown


One of the most common shade out there, or you can say the most valuable color that every girl have in her wardrobe is Nude. This color never got out of fashion, as it looks very decent and natural. And can go with almost every outfit. So whatever the trend is u can’t ignore it.


11)Metallic Grey

Simple grey looks cool, but metallic grey is just awesome, as it gives you the chrome look that u can’t stop looking at. It’s human nature that chrome and gold shades attract us the most, Am pretty sure that you never give this shade a try..!! Am I right? Just give it a try, wear a black or dark color outfit with it and see the magic.

Metallic Grey

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