13 Easy DIY Halloween Makeup Looks

13 Easy DIY Halloween Makeup Looks

It’s not Halloween but it is better to plan something in advance. Now is the time when you plan your great Halloween makeup. Most people celebrate Halloween because they want to show their makeup skills in public and that’s also a very good idea on social media. We have Halloween Makeup Looks Ideas. Make sure to practice them before Halloween.

1. Sugar Skull look

This is scary and beautiful at the same time. And this is how makeup transforms your look. You don’t need to buy any expensive dress or costumes for Halloween when you can make a different look with the Sugar Skull Look idea. The colored heart at the forehead requires some skills for this look. So make sure to try this before Halloween.

2. Butterfly Makeup Look Idea

The butterfly look is an inspiration for pet lovers. This yellow butterfly spreads around the neck and eyes. Basically, it is a long and time taking idea and needs more practice and detailing. Must try this on Halloween.

Source: @jadedeacon

3. Spider Man look makeup

Spiderman’s makeup is an inspiration by Peter Parker. This is an easy and less time taking makeup idea. If you have a big face and wide forehead so make sure to make this to your head. You will have more webspace and will look more beautiful and sexy.

Source: @milaespacomila

4. Deer touch Makeup

This idea is maybe the simplest and easiest one and also a unique one for Halloween. Deer touch makeup idea is cuteness overload. Make sure to spread these white dots around your eyes and especially on your cheeks and use eyelashes on your eye to make them longer. That black color on the tip of the nose gives a cute look but most of the people leave this major point.

Source: @o0lullaby0o

5. Half face pop art Zombie

Having half face as Zombies is also a fun and creative idea for Halloween and looks incredible and creative. However, this is on only one side of your face so you may have to change your side to show someone your look. If someone looks at you from your normal side and then sees the other side as Zombie, you may scare them with your style.

Source: @sordazz

6. Skeleton Makeup look

Skeleton makeup is simple and timeless. The only thing you need to focus on this Halloween makeup is eyes. The rest of the face is mostly colored with black and white but on this idea, we have brought you another color idea to make it more scary and creative. This orange shade is the reason to do this on Halloween. Try this idea to look like a skeleton.

Source: @giuliannaahttps://www.instagram.com/giuliannaa/

7. Pink Sky Look

Do you have a pink dress or a clip for your hair? This idea will force you to buy one as it’s about pink color. In this makeup, the sky’s colored as pink and has shining stars and clouds, which is not easy. You have to practice this idea because it looks very simple and easy but has many detailed works. Must try this one. And if you want to see Moon and Sun Tattoo ideas, we also have for you.

Source: @povabmakeup

8. Cat Style

If you are a pet lover or keep your cat with you every time then this is one you should have tried. This idea is simple but damn cute and makes you look like a cutie cat, especially if you have a hairband like a cat’s ears. You just need to make some mustache around your nose and a few black bots on your upper lips.

Source: @ofirstein2

9. Pixelated Face Makeup Look

This may look strange when you try this but it’s a creative and simple style for you. The best way for this makeup is the choice of color and how you use them. You may use the dark on your lips, where it starts and as it goes towards your eyes the color will be bright. This will give a unique and beautiful look.

Source: @heatherpricemua

10. Fairy Makeup

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary, you can also make yourself look cool. That’s why we bring you this Fairy Makeup idea.

Source: @celinenbeauty

11. Werewolf Makeup

Do you watch Twilight? This idea is an inspiration for it and looks scary but it covers all your face. It’s classic and cute makeup and makes your face look likes hairy.

Source: @cici_laaa

12. Scary Bride

This idea is cute and scary at the same time.

Source: @carol.beautyartist

13. Beetlejuice Makeup

Beetlejuice is a famous Halloween idea. You must try this idea on Halloween.

Source: @katiifirecat

Which Halloween idea do you like the most? And if you are interested in TATTOOS Ideas, we also have for you.

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