20 Attractive Neck Tattoo Ideas For Women

20 Attractive Neck Tattoo Ideas For Women

The neck is the most noticeable place for a tattoo. Tattoos could be colorful or dark but are very eye-catching on the neck. Neck tattoos look so cool, sexy, and attractive. They can be placed at the backside of the neck or anywhere on your neck.
Choosing a prominent place for a perfect tattoo is very important and the neck is the best place for a tattoo. Because when you talk to someone they look into your eyes and everyone knows that most people don’t have tattoos on their neck. So everyone looks at your neck when you have a tattoo.
We bring 20 attractive neck tattoo ideas for women.

1.Full Neck Tattoo

Source @alexa_zeitel

2.Flowers Tattoo

Source @kaitlyn_hubert

3.Small Leaf

Source @patotatua

4.Blue Snake

Source @peanutbrittles

5.Number on Neck

Source @stylztattoos

6.Black Rose on Back Neck

Source @evi.art

7.Half-Full-Half Moon

Source @foxy_peony_tattoos

8.Long Snake

Source @sindjel_tattoo_piercing_bgd

9.Cute Cartoon Tattoo

Source @drezdapp

10.Red Flowers

Source @vickimtattoo

11.Blue Butterfly

Source @inked.doll_marrtii

12.Rainbow Color

Source @artbaxy

13.Spider Net With Eyes

Source @silviocaveira

14.Blue Heart Tattoo

Source @vacantframesart

15.LUCKY Tattoo

Source @carrie_tatts

16.Flash Sign

Source @andreeadinita

17.Flower and Bee

Source @laury.ink

18.Small Banana Tattoo

Source @bee__ink

19.Small Spider Tattoo

Source @tattooamazingx

20.Tribal Dots Inked Tattoo

Source @ritual.ink.studio

Which one these do you like?

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