20+ Cute Spring Nails & Inspired Nail Designs for 2021

20+ Cute Spring Nails & Inspired Nail Designs for 2021

Just like we make changes for every season, we also need to get more new ideas about cute and lovely nails. Wearing bright and cool nail colors this spring is an amazing nail art idea. Are you looking for perfect spring nail designs with pastels, neutrals, and spring colors?

1.Plain Yellow

Source @iramshelton

2.Blue And White Curve

Source @thehotblend

3.Fresh Flowers Nails

Source @beauty_basecoat

4.Butterfly French

Source @thenailroommanchester

5.Blue Glitter

Source @angelic_nailz

6.Turtle Nails Art

Source @kaya_nail

7.Oil Blue

Source @nails.by.inga

8.Golden Red Nails

Source @micasolomani_

9.Cool Pink Nails

Source @catherina_kety

10.Mix Color Nails

Source @nailsbyrachel.christine15

11.Creative Design

Source @snowball624

12.Acrylic Nails

Source @nailsxjen_

13.Four Colors Nails

Source @kasia_cieplinska

14.Black Lines

Source @soana_aesthetics

15.Bright Color Nails

Source @polishedjean

16.Wavy Nails

Source @clloudynails

17.Rainbow Lines

Source @anetqaplu

18.Impressive Color Nails

Source @kaitlyn.blogs

19.Blue Butterfly

Source @malowana_lala_nails

20.Yellow Tip

Source @bysadie.tsunami___

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