20 Most Unique Sternum Tattoo Designs

20 Most Unique Sternum Tattoo Designs

The chest is the best place to have a tattoo and if you are looking for a small tattoo that does not cover your whole body. sternum tattoos are very amazing because of the placement and the art. sternum tattoos are also known as breast tattoos and this word and placement is also very famous among tattoo lovers. This is especially for female tattoos and for those females who are looking to have the perfect tattoo in a perfect place. This place is very sensitive and many women still want to have tattoos on their breasts.

sternum tattoos are located below and between the breasts. This is a unique idea and the place is not very much visible but it looks gorgeous to have a tattoo between your breasts. 

We have brought some sternum tattoos ideas.

1.Manshroom sternum Tattoo

Source @sula.tats

2.Ornamental sternum Tattoo

Source @universewithintattoo

3.Big Sternum Tattoo

Source @castlefordtattoos

4.Sword Flower sternum Tattoo

Source @tattoocharlies

5.Sternum Rose Sternum Tattoo

Source @carajevons_tattoo_

6.Moth and Skull sternum Tattoo

Source @inkedgent

7.Flower sternum Tattoo

Source @arleymk_fitness

8.Four Signs Sternum Tattoo

Source @rkchel

9.Sternum Leaf Tattoo

Source @theisland.tattoo

10.Long Sternum Tattoo

Source @beckycourtney_

11.Sternum Green Tree Tattoo

Source @freedomink75

12.Big Flower Sternum Tattoo

Source @g3t_l1k3_m3

13..Two Leaf Sternum Tattoo

Source @therowanstarr

14.Planets Sternum Tattoo

Source @jennahupalotattoo

15.Sternum Moon and Stars Tattoo

Source @altontattooco

16.Flowers Sternum Tattoo

Source @mike_kracken

17.Happy Moon Sternum Tattoo

Source @ecstacytattooer

18.Sternum Snake Tattoo

Source @mitchpleasance

19.Broken Sword Sternum Tattoo

Source @irisreola

20.Scorpio Sternum Tattoo

Source @juxtagram

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