35 Best Edgy and Attractive Nail Art

35 Best Edgy and Attractive Nail Art

In Spite of the size, fingernails play a substantial role in enhancing the beauty of hands and also affect the whole personality. Nicely trimmed and clean nails depict the personality especially when they are matching with the outfit.  Nail artists and stylists are eager to present new designs and ideas to women every year. Every year they introduce new trends in the market. Some trends and colors are set according to the season as some colors are opted in summer and in fall some other colors are used. Likewise for spring more vibrant colors are selected.

These days edgy nails are very popular and are highly demanded in the fashion industry. Everyone is taking interest in making nails beautiful by creating edges with and without designs this is because they not only look good but also very easy to create shapes and designs.  

These designs can also be made on short nails by choosing minimal designs and look equally beautiful on long nails as we can incorporate a lot of designs and patterns. Another benefit of these edgy designs is that they are made very easily by opting for designs with minimal color and patterns. If we Incorporate multiple colors with different designs they will look equally good.

These designs are done especially for events like parties but some people like to have them for the day-to-day life too. Personally, I like natural nails that are not so grown. As they are very easy to manage but at the same time, they are very easy to attain and last for a longer period of time. Short nails have a benefit over long nails as they are not prone to breakage as often as long nails nevertheless long nails are equally beautiful and are in trend for ages as they have more area for shaping and designs.

1.  Golden French

Source @wenailditla

2.  Go Golden in Greece

Source @gemmapope_nails

3.A Lil Groovy Pop of Pink

Source @_justjessthings

4. Dreamy

Source @magicbysoph

5. French Matte and Nude

Source @bykarawrightx

6. Go For White and Pink

Source @nailart.zhra.almasi

7. Do They Look Unreal

Source @nails_by_victoria88_

8. Gorgeous Lines

Source @suzannenicollenails

9. Aren’t They Perfect for Summer

Source @clawgasmic

10. Would You opt For This

Source @espacolaismelo.nailmaster

11. Nails Swag

Source @by_grimelly

12. Polka Dots

Source @cherrys.in

13. White Vibes

Source @nailsbyliliveth

14. Galaxy

Source @nailsbyliliveth

15. What About These Lines

Source @fingersauce

16. Classic French manicure

Source @lebliss.nail

17. Feeling Fierce

Source @the_nail_yard_withnat

18. Abstract Tri-Color Mani

Source @pinkysharkness

19.  Don’t You Love This?

Source @lcee.nails_

20. When You Want Something Classy With a Little Edge

Source @polishd_by_christina

21. Pony Tail Art

Source @pimp_my_nails15

22. Black and Nude

Source @mobilenails2015

23. Red Handed

Source @scretnails

24. Edgy Yet Simple

Source @nailedinzug

25. Edgy on Edges

Source @skinnies.official

26. Glittery French

Source @beeqnails

27. Japanese Nail Art

Source @nailed_by_sarah

28. Pretty Bridal Vibe

Source @mynailcrush

29. Edgy On Gel

Source @nailed_by_sarah

30. Gradient Green

Source @studiohrx

31. Tortie Flames

Source @nailedbytav

 32. French Vibes

Source @eli.nail.studiio

33. Grey Gradient

Source @nailist_yuuka

34. Japanese Gel Art

Source @bjj_nail

35. Neon French

Source @dorothys_drawing__

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