7 Most Beautiful Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas

7 Most Beautiful Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas

If you really want a new tattoo design but don’t have any idea about a new style and design then you are in the right place. We brought you 7 most beautiful sun and moon tattoo ideas. Sun and Moon also show the sign of the life cycle and the meaning of life. These are the unique and beautiful tattoos that will provide you uniqueness in your body. Just take a look at these ideas and decide which one is your favorite.

1. Moon and Sun Together

The first tattoo we are showing you is very famous and lovely. In this design, we have a sleeping Sun and Moon surrounded by clouds, and looks very peaceful. This kind of tattoo is perfect for the leg or arm where you have horizontal space on your body.

2. Simple Shining Sun

The second tattoo we have for you is a small and cute one. It’s like the rising Sun and spreading it’s light everywhere. It’s a tattoo that can be designed in a small area and gives a feeling of the morning. It’s good to have one on arm so when you unfold your arm you see the rising Sun.

Source: @amandartc

3. Seven days Moon

This is a unique and long style tattoo that shows 7 sizes of the moon. It’s a horizontal tattoo and can be placed anywhere on the body. It gives a feeling of a dark evening and the light of a full moon. This is also a trend to have such tattoos on Arm or on the back.

Source: @saintmandy_

4. Smiley sun tattoo

This tattoo is a unique one and has the only sun with the lights ejecting from it. The tattoo is a bit large and can cover half of the diameter of the arm. It’s a smiley sun with yellow color and having light like the leaves of a flower.

5. Big Black Sun

If you like big and black tattoos then this one is best for your body as it looks like a beautiful giant black sun and has black light. Something like this will suit everyone and it can be placed anywhere on the body.

6. Sleeping Sun

The sun looks very beautiful when it is surrounded by clouds and this tattoo is the same as the view of the sun and clouds. This tattoo is very detailed and has a colored and sleeping sun with clouds around it. If you a pet lover then it also gives you a beautiful cat but you don’t like it you can replace the cat with more clouds. 

7. Moon and flower

This tattoo is a very simple one and it’s a moon of 1st or 2nd date with beautiful followers in it. This design provides the touch of the sky and ground and if you like nature like flowers it’s a perfect idea for you and you can also add a small pet like a cat or a bird in this tattoo. The good this about this tattoo is that it can be placed anywhere on the body.

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