7 Nail Shades that goes with every Outfit

There are a lot of ways to look Gorgeous & Stunning..!! Everyone wants to Look pretty, So we wear trending outfits, fine makeup & spend a lot of money on hairs..!! But what about nails..!! Nails are the most essential part of beauty…Soo Nails should be eye-catching & should match your outfit. There are a lot of nail shades & designs, which you should have in your mind So that next time you wear a new outfit u can easily choose your Nail color.  Here we got you some amazing Nail paint shades & designs that will change Your Look & Life.

Nails are like jewelry. If we don’t apply polish to jewels they won’t attract us or neither others, we will not get to know how worthy they are until we get them polished. That Same case goes with Nails. 

Nails are just Dead cells..!! Do you think that? if soo..!! then you are getting it wrong. First of all start loving your nails like a precious jewel, so that you can know their worth & start caring for them. This wasn’t that tough, lets me help you with this.

Before starting about nail paint, the first talk about your Nail health. For an eye-catching look, you should have clean and healthy nails, To achieve them you should have a Manicure & pedicure.

Manicure and Pedicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the nails and skin of hands and feet. A manicure refers to the curation and care of hands and a Pedicure refers to the curation and care of feet. In manicure and pedicure skin exfoliation, skincare, nail care,  nail trimming, and cuticle clippings, etc including.  A regular mani-pedi keeps nail and skin healthy and removes dead skin cells.

Method of Manicure and Pedicure

1 : Remove nail paint, if any.

2 : cleansing

3: Take warm water in a tub,add few drops of shampoo and soak hands/ feet

4 : scrubbing on hands feet

5 : after washing, cut and file nails

6: Apply moisturizing cream

Was it that tough?  I Don’t think Soo, these six simple & easy steps make your nails glow like a diva. Now let’s talk about How to choose your Nail paint 

Some Nail paints go with every outfit, you don’t have to repaint again & again with every new outfit. 


Looking for your hidden beauty? Then try shades of gray! As we grow older and learn more about life than hot pink and fire trucks, we are growing to understand what gray matter really is. Sold in color but need a certain edge? Matte gray will do you good.


People will definitely take it twice when you wear nude nails. There’s just something attractive about being cunning. Long or short naked nails look great with everything!


Blush nails work well and are fun. The flesh colors of the polish are subtle enough not to over your wardrobe with the color you are dealing with. Fashion trends have certainly found this color in the form of leather jackets, pointed heels, handbags, and lipsticks.


Translucent nails are like Nude and Blush.!! I especially like to shake this look with almond or straight nails. They have an animal vibe but a continuous refinement.


White nails are angels, high quality, and varied. It can make basic clothes with pop colors. It is also fun to explore jewelry with such a clear nail.


I love how cool and cool the black nails are. Even though they are darker in look but can easily go with every outfit, On the other hand, everyone likes black, it almost goes with every color outfit. 


Brown is another hidden treasure. It may not seem like much but a brown gel manicure will change your life! It has a high-quality continuity and makes you feel like a mature adult.

There are a lot of more shades but trust me that all u need…!! These colors can go with almost every outfit, So you don’t have to spend a lot of time on matching nail paint whenever you are in Rush..!! U just good to go and everyone will Admire you..Trust me

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