7 Trendy Hairstyles For Girls

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over. With a fall coming around, it’s a great opportunity to try new hairstyles. You are about to have the most exciting fall yet trust me…
Sometimes we go through a really hard time when it came to style your hairs according to the situation, Sometimes we get confused that whether this style going to suit you or not.

Did you believe that a simple hairstyle can transform your entire look? From nerd to beauty, all u need to enhance your appearance is a simple hair makeover.

Choosing a haircut for yourself shouldn’t be stress anymore. Take a look at these trending hairstyles, hope u will find your new look!

Let’s just get straight to the point. Here are 7 trendy hairstyles for You

1)One-Sided Curly Pixie Style

Check this smart hairstyle for girls with curly hair! This pixie cut is a great way to show off your naturally curly hair without dealing with maintaining problems. Just ask the stylist to give length and volume on one side and keep the other side short, almost identical to the boy’s cut. This results in the best looks and effort you’ve ever wanted.
Recommended for people having Short, Curly Hair with Oval, Long, and Inverted Triangle shaped faces. Best Seasons to Try this style is Spring, Summers & Fall.

One-Sided Curly Pixie

2)Blonde Top Bun Style

Check out this American bun hairstyle, which sure to get you the right attention you deserve. The blonde hair is neatly wrapped in a bun to accentuate your sharp features. You can even add a piece of jewel to glamour your look
Recommended for people having Long & Straight hair with Heart, Square and Rectangle shaped faces. The best Seasons to Try this style is Summers and Fall.

Blonde Top Bun

3)Celestial Waves Style

Look at this beautiful hairstyle for girls with long hair, which is too good to be true! This lovely style is perfect for special occasions like Prom Night, weddings & formal dinners, where you want to look different. To get this amazing style just use a curler or a hot brush to make big waves in your hair. Use a setting spray to make your curls last longer and make sure the dry ends are smooth!
Recommended for people having Long, Straight/Wavy hair with Round, Heart and Apple shaped faces. The best Seasons to Try this style is Spring & Fall.

Celestial Waves

4)Double French Braid Style

This hairstyle is for girls with long hair and it’s a refreshing change from that regular one-sided French. Double braids revive your look and make you look younger, Replace your tight braids with a loose French braid style. Just divide your hair into two parts & use the traditional braiding process, pull out the strands to make the volume, and then tie both braids together.
Recommended for people having Long, Straight/Wavy with hair Oval, Heart, and Diamond-shaped faces. The best Seasons to Try this style is Summers & Fall.

Double French Braid

5)Vintage Curly Bob Style

If you are a fan of the retro era, then this twisted bob style is one of the best short hairstyles for you. The hair dyed with copper is cut evenly and folded using a hot tool. Which will result in a beautiful hairstyle that describes the beauty of harvest times in this modern era.!! Although borrowed from the past, but this hairstyle is also one of the hottest fashion trends in every century.
Recommended for people having Neck length & wavy hair with Oval, Long, and Inverted Triangle shaped faces. Best Seasons to Try this style is Spring, Summers & Fall.

Vintage Curly Bob

6)Pixie Bob Cut Style

This beautiful hairstyle is for girls and teens, those who like to keep it short and cultivated! Short hair has long strands on the back, which measure slightly above the space. The front bangs are cut on the sides in an uneven way to give you a good look. This lovely hairstyle is easy to handle and requires no extra style! You can add certain layers over for a decent volume.
Recommended for people having Short, Silky Straight Hair with Square, Rectangle and Oval shaped faces. The best Seasons to Try this style is Spring and Summers.

Pixie Bob Cut

7)Twisted Style

Check out this Gorgeous lazy girl’s hairstyle! Why did I call it lazy? It’s just a 5-minute job. This hairstyle can get you to organize quickly and you are good to go in a few minutes. This style works for all lengths and types of hair, on the other hand, it does not involve a major braiding process. All you need is to learn to twist your locks neatly and tight them together. That’s all! Now you can show off your beautiful girl look and go steal some hearts!


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