Best Hair Care Routine For Long and Healthy Hairs

Best Hair Care Routine For Long and Healthy Hairs

We all want thick, long, shiny, and healthy hair, but if you think that one person who has no hair care at all can have long & healthy hairs, then you have to think again. Having healthy, strong, and fast hair is not just luck. you have to take some steps for it, some easy but major steps.

There is no age limit for hair care, you should adopt this routine from the younger age, As there is a saying that there is no time like the present because it is a good time to take advantage of the fact that you can prevent your hair from damaging before they got damaged.

Having healthy hairs is also a way of life, so if you feel like your hair is not growing fast enough. There is no need to argue about whether you need this hair care routine or not.

Trust me everyone loves his hair, especially girls and if I talk about myself, I got pretty long and healthy hairs just by following this basic routine.

Oiling (creepy but compulsory)

Oiling your hair doesn’t sound cool enough.!! Most of us don’t like to apply oil because of its smell and stickiness, but you know what oiling is very good for your hairs, as it gives them nourishment and strength. So make sure to do some oiling, once or twice a week. Among all oil castor oil is the best.
Castor oil has been used in traditional medicine for centuries and has recently become popular as a natural remedy for hair growth. It softens the scalp, improves the health of the scalp, and promote growth. The extra bonus is its price, it costs a fraction of the salon treatment and you don’t require any professional help to apply it. Just Massage a gentle amount of this on your Hair skin before bed and wash the next morning.

In case you can’t apply this during bedtime because of your partner or any other reason then, Just apply it for 40-45 minutes before bath.

hair oiling
Apply Oil Before Bed Time

Shampoo isn’t That Good

Why shampoo daily? Is it free or what..!! even if it is free, but trust me your hair worth a lot.

You may not know that daily hair washing will remove your scalp from all its natural oils and can lead to dry and broken hair.

These natural oils are good for your hairs at some instant, You can go two to three days without shampoo, Besides all Shampoo is not a natural thing, it contains a lot of chemicals like sulfate. So be careful when buying a new one, start using a sulfate-free shampoo.

shampoo is not good for your hairs
Get Rid of Sulphate Shampoo

Have Some Conditioner

Why just shampoo? Most of us don’t bother to use conditioner..!! But why not? Conditioner should be our best friend now if you want to protect your hair at the next level. There are a lot of conditioners out there in the market but Coconut oil makes conditioner are just awesome. Many shampoos contain sulfate that dissolves all the natural oil present on our scalp. So after shampoo apply a good conditioner to get soft and silky hairs.

use hair conditioner
Use Hair Conditioner

Don’t Get It To Hot while showering

We all love a hot shower, especially in winter. Most of us spend a lot of time in the shower with that thrilling hot water, but if you think the heat is good for us then think again!

If your shower is too hot it can cause breakage of your healthy hairs, so watch that drive

don't shower with extreme hot water
Don’t Take Hot Shower

Stop Burning your hairs

The worst thing you can do to your hair is high-temperature damage. Most of us use a straightener, curler, and Dryer on daily basis, which results in damaging our hairs so badly. believe me, you are just burning your hair on daily basics, and in the end, time will come when just regrets will be left behind. So get rid of these firearms.

Put the straightener and curler down, give your hair a rest and see them getting back to normal day by day.

Just style your hairs without using these things, use them once in a blue moon when you got to go to some function or party.

Stop Burning your hairs
Don’t Use Blower, Curler & Straightener

Cut To Grow

It may sound strange to you, that why cut when you need them long, but you should cut your hair in order to grow it. Confused? Let me explain then…After a specific growth, we get damaged ends, which will slow the growing process. Take it like, if you like gardening then you better know. we usually cut our plants branches so new fresh branches and leaves can grow..!! This same phenomenon goes with our hair. Just cut the split ends and make your hair shorter! No need to go crazy, though – just do it every six weeks and you’ll start looking at Rapunzel, and believe me this will boost your hair growth twice.
Just be careful when doing this at home because you may not have professional scissors. Kitchen and bathroom scissors have different straps that can even cause split!

So if you willing to do it by yourself then, just go a buy proper professional scissors to get it done.

cut split ends
Cut Split Ends

Get a proper diet

Want Healthy Hair? then get a proper diet..!! Eating junk food can actually lead to hair loss. Your hair needs a proper diet to grow. Eating nutritious foods, rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals can help promote healthy hair growth.

So get a proper diet and get rid of junk food, in case if you love your hair more them this junk shit.

proper diet for hairs
Get Healthy Diet

Get supplements for Healthy hairs

As I told you above, the importance of proper diet, it’s always good to get your nutrients in a balanced diet, on the other hand, you can also add supplements such as Vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, iron, and especially biotin.

The important thing is that you can see the improvement in your skin too. There are many good hair supplements in the market, your local pharmacist can assist you further on this. Just make them part of your routine and see the result in a couple of days.

Get hair supplements
Use Hair Supplements

Get Rid of Stress

One of the worse things for your hair and health is Stress and overthinking, it can cause great hair loss and health issues, more then you imagining right now.

Stress can cause chemical and physical changes, causing an increase in cortisol, which in turn causes hair loss.

So get rid of stress, stop overthinking, and spend more time learning new breathing techniques or meditation that will improve not only your hair but also your health. You can also try yoga to fresh-up your mind. You can also learn yoga and other meditation techniques online, give them a try, and just get rid of stress.

yoga and medication for hair growth
Medication & Yoga For Hair Growth

Comb Well before bedtime

Last but not the least part of the hair routine is Brushing them before sleeping. Giving your hair a quick brush, before you get to bed will spread the oil evenly, and making sure that your hairs are moisturized while you sleep. This will increase blood circulation and leads to better hair growth, while you are sleeping. I prefer to use a wooden comb, it delivers you more effective results.

brush your hairs before bedtime
Brush Before Bed Time

Just Adopt this Hair Routine to get Healthy Hairs and say thanks after you start to get Awesome results in the Future.!!

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