7 Nail shapes you can have this season

Nail art is always great beauty and fashion that shows no signs of ending, There are so many manicure trends available right now, sometimes we got confused which one to choose, and which Nail cut will fit the shape of your hand, so here I got 7 Best Nail shapes for you, that will make things easy for you

Ballerina Nails

Nails of this type have large soft sides with a straight tip on both sides, representing the shape of a smooth ballerina box. It can only be done on long and strong nails. As far as nail art is concerned, these Ballerina’s nails look absolutely stunning with shiny nails. Just give it a try, u will going to love this look.

Square Nails

Square designs are quite trendy, as well as a timeless option, returning to fashion from time to time. Ideal for anyone who loves to use nail art. With small fingers, square designs work well and can make small nails look a little wider. So if you shrink fingers then this nail shape is for you

Oval Nails

Oval-shaped nail designs look great on short and wide nails. Oval nails often make us confused with almond nails, but oval nails are more rounded then almond and it doesn’t have any sharpened edges. This nail shape magnifies your fingers and makes them look more eye-catching, which is why most female celebrities often go for oval nails. On red carpet events, many celebrities seem to have long oval nails because they represent a simple but more stunning and attractive style.

Stiletto Nails

If you like the pointy look then you should give the stiletto shape a try, It’s also well known on the catwalks, most of the model prefers this style. However, it is not a good thing for people who have to work hard with their hands, as it can easily be got damaged. This nail structure treads on a very rough surface equal to the hard and rough parts. Just be careful of this style, as of the extreme shape of the sides, your nails will likely look like deadly weapons.

Squoval Nails

If you want the soft curves on your nails that won’t that round, then squoval nails are a pretty good choice for you. They are the perfect combination and will fit any hand shape, you don’t have to worry whether it’s going to suit you or not just go for it, trust me u won’t regret

Almond Nails

Almond nails have become very popular in the fashion industry and are in great demand these days. They make your fingers look quite long and their round base holds your nail polish flawlessly and provides you the bright light in every situation. Not surprisingly, the celebs prefer this nutty state. This nail design is particularly suitable for matte nails. The splendor of light that absorbs flats matte shades combined with an intricate almond shape is an interesting combination.

Round Nails

One of the most popular nail designs that most people have, as it’s easy to maintain and easy to carry on in your busy routine. If you got plump fingers, then this Nail shape is a great way to make them look slim and attractive. It’s easy to do and easy to maintain, and this is the most popular design out there. If you are striving to keep your nails looking completely curved. You can use them while your natural nails grow and gain their strength, just cut hem around and use a filer to give them a perfect round shape.

What do you this about these Best Nail shapes? And which one is do you like the most?

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