Natural Acrylic Nails: 30+ Tips And Inspo Photos To Get The Perfect Nails

Natural Acrylic Nails: 30+ Tips And Inspo Photos To Get The Perfect Nails

Acrylic nails have been in fashion for quite a long time and I guess they are not going anywhere. Just because they are easy to carry and easy to be done. You can achieve any shape of your choice depending upon your mood. 

Most of the time they are done for special events such as weddings, engagements, official dinners, or graduation ceremonies but some people prefer to have them on a day-to-day basis.

Speaking of myself I have always been a fan of natural-looking nails. Natural does not mean super short but what I mean is to have a look of nails very close to a natural look. Surprisingly natural acrylic nails are very easy to get although most of the artistry photos are artistically inordinate.

I believe that as long as your nails are nicely trimmed and clean they can have a huge impact on your personality.  

Having the right choice for nail color according to your persona and surroundings is an art though but you can learn a lot and awaken your inner artist while having a look at the tips given below.

Tips For Getting Natural Acrylic Nails:

There are certain things you must keep in mind before leaving for your nail art.

  1. First of all, you must check google reviews about the salon you want to go to. Many times I got disappointed visiting a 4-star salon. I had horrible experiences there, so do consider this tip first.
  2. Select a photo of your choice even if it takes time to search as in my experience most of the technicians do not all copy the exact photo even if you asked them for little changes. 
  3.  Do your homework about the size and shape ahead of time before putting the nail on.
  4. As nails grow so go for little shorter nails as compared to what you decided so that it won’t make them look super long.
  5. Gel polish lasts longer as compared to the regular one so ask for gel polishing.
  6. Talk to your technician about the natural look of your acrylic nails as they can easily look huge if not properly filed down.
  7.  Decide about the final top coat of your nails ahead of time and tell your technician whether you want to have matte or shiny topcoats. if you don’t mention they probably use the shiny one.
  8. Ask your technician for soak removal, this will lessen the chance of your real nail damage. You have to soak your nails in acetone for a good 30 minutes.
  9. Use gloves for washing dishes. It will protect your nails from damage.

Why Get Acrylic Nails Over Gel?

Speaking of strength acrylic nails are by far the best. If you want your nail to last longer for up to weeks and less prone to breakage then you must opt for natural acrylic nails. As compared to gel nails, acrylic nails do not cause much damage. So they are safe to use, last longer, look natural and pretty.

Natural Acrylic Nails

Here are some 30 + photos for natural acrylic nails have a look and use as a reference for your mani.

1. A Glamorous Nude Look

Source @romanticuniversenails

2. Natural Metallic Nails with edges

Source @lottydotty_liketoparty

3. Beautiful Combination of White and Gold With Edges

Source @vselennaiamanikiura

4. Sparkle With Grey

Source @nailed_it_nailsss

5. Ohh my God

Source @schastienails

6. Be Beautiful With Burgundy

Source @dilbar_farhadi

7. Natural and Edgy

Source @jehonanails

8. I’m feeling blue

Source @laylaalamine17

9. This Great Combination of Pink and Red

Source @sehane_nail

10. Pink and Edgy

Source @chelslounails.x

11. These Matte Finish Nails are Perfect for Winters

Source @loufitlove

12. Pretty Pastels

Source @thebeautyroombysarah

13. Red and Silver With Shimmer Perfect for Evening Events

Source @lauradelmerthomas

14. Ohhhh Natural

Source @madz1_creations

15. Couldn’t Get More Natural Than This

Source @spabellastudio

16. Let’s Shine With Some Peachy Pink

Source @angelnailspafishhawk

17. Spring Vibes

Source @hafsa_khatun_nails_art

18. Let’s Have Some Polka Dots on Nails

Source @amysatenvy222

19. Classy

Source @chellebeautyco

20. It Does Match With Your Skin

Source @nailsbydonoso

21. Classy Short

Source @tailored.claws

22. Pretty Christmas Nails

Source @amysatenvy222

23. Nude And Shimmer

Source @yoyowang1011

24. This Multi-Color Look Can Cast a Spell

Source @melznaildzine

25. Natural

Source @tinamariesalonandboutique

26. These Nails Are Perfect For Autumn

Source @bethdavisbeauty

27. Black Tips With Natural Pink

Source @bethdavisbeauty

28. Ghosties

Source @bethdavisbeauty

29. Soft Lavender

Source @cici.beau

30. Abstract Butterflies

Source @nury.nails

31. Pearly Nude

Source @nailbar_bygerdina

32. Royal Blue for Royal Look

Source @pinksalon_iris

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