Stylish Nail Art Designs That Pretty From Every Angle

Stylish Nail Art Designs That Pretty From Every Angle

Some looks of nail art can be perfect for all the seasons of the year. Holiday nail art is one of them. These can be suited for the whole year.

Another benefit of this styling is that you can choose colors of your choice whether you are opting for a single shade of one color or many shades of the same color. There is another option that you can also put together more than one color and their different shades as well. Holiday nail art can be done on both short and long nails. You can use any shape of your nails for styling. Holiday nails can be done with the minimal colors and design on all the nails as well as with the multiple colors with multiple designs on each nail.

Here i am showing you nail art with different shades of Pink

Here are some holiday nails ideas for you with different designs and colors.

1. Round Nails With Pink

So this one is for the minimal art lover as the shape is round and color is subtle pink perfect for day to day mani.

Credit @manicure.andco

2. Almond Nails With Glittery Pink

Baby pink with light glitter perfect for the semi formal evening events.

Credit @barbie___nailss

3. Pink With Edgy Glitter

Almond shape nail are perfect for edgy nail art as this gives more natural look when colors opted is pink

Credit @marymontoya_nailartist

4. Squoval Pink

Natural pink with minimal art

Credit @ephrosinya_nails

5. Light and Soft With Shine

Credit @vanleily

6. Simple and Fun

Credit @heluviee

7. Opal Grey With Glitter

Credit @idei_dizaina_nogtey

8. Nude Coffin Nail

Credit @kathnails_sv

9. Swirls with Pink

Credit @beautyby_kourtney

10. Opal Pink

Credit @tirnak_moda

11.White and Brown

Credit @unhas.caprichosass

12.Glittery Swirls

Credit @nailsit38

13. Flowers go Round

Credit @nnbeautybeginshere

14. Ivory

Credit @mm_nails.mzt

15. Two Shades

Credit @lalelana_s

16. Contrast Colors

Credit @nails_lioness_v

17. Shimmery Grey

Credit @biljana_popov

18. Black and Gold Swirls


19. Nude and Edgy

Credit @nailandby_vickaki

20. Soft Toned Floral Art

Credit @gel.and.go

21. Glittery Base

Credit @nail.dn

22. Nude Nails

Credit @magic_al_nails_studio

22. Nude Nails

Credit @m.nail521

24. Matt and Glitter

Credit @daymarianobeauty

25. Zig Zag

Credit @artbycharlies

26. Pink Marble

Credit @allebeauty_sklep_tarnobrzeg

27. Play with Maroon

Credit @nogti__idei

28. What do you Think for These Beauty

Credit @nailquick_atre_akihabara

29. Lovely Nude Set

Credit @jems_gem_nails

30. Dark as Night

Credit @salon5budapest

31. Swirls with shine

Credit @vildan_manikur_pedikur_salonu

32. Monochromatic Orange

Credit @marchuk.nails

33. Blush and Blue

Credit @applekim

34. What do you think of this set

Credit @r.nail_rikako

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